What musician who writes songs, produces them, plays on them and works together with other great industry people ( who do not get often acknowledged ) would not have a CREDITS page?

Moreover, what writer would not give credit to those who help him write a book?
I give credit to all the people who have directly or indirectly influenced me to be myself in the music industry, and as a creative writer.

Before the credits roll, thank you to every one who knows me and who has played some part in my life. Ernest Heminway said: The best way to find out if you can trust someone is to trust them. Thank you all for finding out and trusting in me.


My major music collaborators:

Clive Ridgway – Cape Town S.S.
Tony Drake – Lightway Music
Barry Buret
Julian Mayer
Mel Roux –

As a poet & writer, I thank:

Alan James
Robin Malan
Thomas Mollett
Hendrik Venter
Sheila Cussons
ee cummings
Susan Bloemhof
Ilse Kriegler
Greg Ridgway

For this website, thanks to:

Christo Louw –
Marnette Meyer – Photographer
Geoff Shar – Photographer
Gale McAll – Photographer